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Program Details


UNISystems Research Inc. 


Manager: Chris Marczak

Address: 188 Park Avenue, East Rutherford, NJ, 07073, U.S.A.



Program Type:CTA
Inception Date:Dec 1, 2012
Incentive Fee:2%
Annual Mgt Fee:20%
Min Investment:$10,000
Disclosure Doc:View
Performance Program S&P 500
Total ROR:-16.61%70.58%
Annual ROR:-4.83%15.68%
1 Year:-0.84%15.09%
Statistics Program S&P 500
Average Monthly Gain:3.31%2.66%
Average Monthly Loss:-3.63%-2.48%
Winning Months:2130
Losing Months:2314
Current DD:33.430.00
Max DD:33.728.89
Sharpe Ratio (RF 1%):-0.38
Annualized Std Dev:15.21




StrategySingle Strategy
DirectionalLong / Short
Holding PeriodShort Term
Option Spreads:100%

Monthly Returns as Percentage by Year

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Program Info

The ODINET Program uses the concept of Option Deviation Index (ODI) analysis. A description of the Option Deviation Index was published in the March 2005 edition of "Futures" magazine.
The strategy combines a trend following concept and volatility spread trading technique exclusively developed for the ODI analysis; however it does not completely rely on market direction forecasting, as ODINET can generate profits in different market scenarios. The advisor engages selected option spreads appropriate to current ODI readings. Spreads are being adjusted accordingly to the S&P500 index action.
The ODINET Program strategy consists of three key components:
1.ODI analysis. Based on the ODI readings, the analysis of the most likely distribution range of the S&P500 index value for the next expiration-to-expiration cycle is established, expressed as a percentage of the starting value.
2.ODINET option spread selection. The ODINET strategy uses different types of spreads, which are selected according to anticipated market action and current conditions (such as volatility).
3.ODINET option spread adjustment. As option expiration approaches, the ODINET strategy converts existing option spread positions into similar or different option spreads, to maximize the chances of profitability.
The ODINET strategy uses solely option spreads and does not engage in selling (writing) uncovered (naked) options. Option spreads are being traded on an expiration-to-expiration cycle basis, i.e. the Program strategy establishes new spread positions near the end of one expiration cycle (the third Friday of the month) and closes or places offsetting positions near the end of the next expiration cycle (the third Friday of the following month).

Company Info

UNISystems Research Inc., which is located in the Greater New York area, currently manages one absolute returns investment program: ODINET Program. UNISystems previously operated as a sole proprietorship and opened a branch office in March 2002. In March 2005, UNISystems Research Inc. was registered under the laws of New Jersey to continue research in the field of option trading.
On August 16, 2005, UNISystems Research Inc. became registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with the CFTC and on October 12, 2005 became a member of the National Futures Association (the NFA).
UNISystems Research Inc. has its principal place of business at 188 Park Avenue, East Rutherford, New Jersey 07073; telephone (201) 882-9607. Website:

Manager Info

Mr. Marczak started in the commodity business in April 1992 by trading his own accounts. In March 1995 he began studying the Easy Language programming language for Trade Station, and began applying his knowledge to trading. He developed many successful trading systems; however he started to increase his interest in options. In May 2002 he became co-owner of UNISystems Research, a company established for conducting research in option trading, as well as for providing managed accounts services for non-US customers. In March 2005 Mr. Marczak founded UNISystems Research Inc., registered under the laws of New Jersey to continue research in option trading. As a result of this process, Mr. Marczak became registered with the CFTC on August 16, 2005 as an Associated Person and Principal of UNISystems Research Inc. UNISystems Research Inc. became registered with the CFTC as Commodity Trading Advisor as of August 16, 2005, and became a member of NFA on October 12, 2005.
Mr. Marczak is the developer of the DAV (Daily Average Value) and ODI (Option Deviation Index) market indicators. The Option Deviation Index was published in the March 2005 edition of "Futures" magazine and is being used to determine stock market sentiment by analyzing the ratio of deviations from the stock market index.