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Orion Capital Advisors 

Orion Beta Opportunity Strategy (Propietary)

Manager: Christopher Sassi

Address: 2462 emmie lane, tetonia, ID, 83452, U.S.A.



Program Type:CTA
Inception Date:Nov 1, 2015
Incentive Fee:2%
Annual Mgt Fee:20%
Min Investment:$100,000
Disclosure Doc:View
Performance Program S&P 500
Total ROR:23.17%16.17%
Annual ROR:13.32%9.41%
1 Year:15.37%15.09%
Statistics Program S&P 500
Average Monthly Gain:2.64%2.09%
Average Monthly Loss:-2.50%-1.35%
Winning Months:1412
Losing Months:67
Current DD:0.210.00
Max DD:8.195.47
Sharpe Ratio (RF 1%):1.12
Annualized Std Dev:11.01




StrategySingle Strategy
DirectionalLong / Short
Holding PeriodLong & Short Term
Option Spreads:100%

Monthly Returns as Percentage by Year

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Program Info

The Beta Opportunity Strategy pursues capital growth and absolute returns over time through a systematic macro approach. The program is negatively correlated to the S&P 500 and produces returns independent of market direction. The strategy is offered through separately managed accounts that produce daily transparency and liquidity. All accounts are titled in the name of the customer. 

The Beta Opportunity Strategy is systematic and is based on Orion Capital's execution model connected to the movement in volatility and S&P pricing. Positions are determined using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. Orion Capital's execution model takes into account several macro and technical factors to determine when a trade is to be placed with the highest potential profit. The program will transact currently in equity index futures options and the underlying e-mini futures contracts. The program thrives in high-volatility environments. The Beta Opportunity Strategy has a negative correlation to the index and delivers returns independent of market direction. The trades selected by the execution model use time decay to their advantage and also uses a portion of the premium to buy insurance for risk management. Trades are held between 8 and 65 calendar days.

The program aggressively manages risk by buying options, executing conditional exits according to the changing probabilities of each trade, closely monitoring margin to equity, and adhering to the rules of the Orion execution model. Risk is further reduced by the use of option spreads and e-mini futures. Predefined margin-to-equity models are managed for new positions and the overall portfolio in order to keep risk within downside volatility parameters. The program is fully systematic but has no automated components. All positions are placed and monitored by Orion’s trading principals. Returns are based on proforma adjustments to a proprietary account to reflect fees. Client accounts will be traded in like fashion.

Company Info

Small emerging CTA specializing in option spread trading in S&P500 e-mini

Manager Info

Christopher Sassi

Mr. Sassi is the President and a Trading Principal of Orion Capital Advisors, Inc. Mr. Sassi is listed as a principal of Orion, effective August 18, 2015 and became registered as an associated person on October 15, 2015. Mr. Sassi began his professional career in the automotive industry at his family owned and operated dealership, Royal Cadillac in 2002. His experiences span across management, operations and sales. In 2009, Mr. Sassi left Royal Cadillac to become a full time trader and portfolio manager for his family office. He is a self-taught trader starting at age 20, with experience using multiple strategies in both the equities and futures markets. Mr. Sassi holds his Series 3 license with the National Futures Association.

Ryan Cormier

Mr. Cormier is the Managing Director and a Trading Principal of Orion Capital Advisors, Inc. Mr. Cormier is listed as a principal if Orion, effective October 10, 2015. Mr. Cormier began his professional career in the US Air Force, Security Forces in 2003. During his time in service, he received the Air Force Achievement medal in 2004 and 2006 and was also deployed overseas. From 2009 to 2014, Mr. Cormier served as a Sports Ticker and Editor for Yankees Entertainment and Sports. In 2012, he began managing his own portfolio of stock options, equity and Futures. He also worked for Mr. Sassi's family office since 2011 as a Trader before founding Orion Capital with Christopher Sassi. Mr. Cormier attended Central Connecticut State University.